Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dinkey Creek Weekend

Steve & I went to Dinkey Creek for the weekend (well it turned out to be 24 hours after we worked Saturday!) and enjoyed some time in the mountains enjoying the quiet and the fresh mountain air with our dogs.
Here is our "cabin"...
and Steve with his dogs and the massive fire he built.
Dundee & Suesse carried this stick together so they could chew on it. So cute to see them playing together since normally Dundee wants nothing to do with Suesse!
Winnie loves the mountains and even though she can't walk around as well with her osteoporosis, I'm sure she'd rather be up here than anywhere else.
We stopped by McKinley Grove to walk around the giant sequioas. What a cute family!

On our way to Courtright Reservoir through the beautiful trees.

View of John Muir Wilderness.

We went to Courtright Reserviour to walk around. It's a big lake for fishing or kayaking and for Dundee and Winnie to jump in and get wet. Suesse, on the other hand, barely would take a drink! She probably doesn't like the cold water either.These are our homemade 'eclairs that Greta taught us how to make on the fire. Greta, I think we might need another lesson - they didn't look like the ones from your camping trip!! They were still good though!

I was 31 weeks on Sunday, August 24th. We're running out of weekends to enjoy hopping in our truck with our dogs on a moment's notice. Pretty soon, we'll need to plan ahead and rent a u-haul for all the stuff we'll have to take with a baby!


El said...

What a fun 24 hours! Thanks for sharing your pictures. It's great seeing the dogs having fun. Yes, enjoy these last few quiet weeks! :)

Melissa said...

You only have 9 weeks left!!! I can't even believe it! Your trip looked idyllic!

Reflections by Keren Thillet said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. Get all of your alone time in now because once baby is here .... Hugs!