Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Farris Family Fun Fest!

This past Sunday was the first official Farris Family Fun Fest. Ok, it was just a gathering of the immediate Farris family... but the other way sounds so much more exciting ;-) There is an elementary school with a great open grass area with baseball backstops, shade trees and a lot of room for the kids & dogs to run around. My parents were there, along with their two little dogs (Petie and Bubba). My sisters, Christina & Karina, were there with their kids (Randy & Carter and Tanner & Trenton... Haley was at Disneyland with friends for the weekend and missed the fun). Here is a photo that includes all the visitors, except my Mom, as we chowed down on Papa John's pizza and leftover fried chicken from the day of branding at 5-F Ranch the day before (watch for a report after our next family branding next Sunday).

And here is Amy with her trusty sidekick Suesse in her classic position... hovering above the plate of food.

And, finally, here were Suesse's guests. Bubba is on the left and Petie on the right. They were in Suesse's crate when no one was holding them. I guess they have been known to mark their territory in other houses in the past. Suesse had a ball playing with them!

We forgot to bring the camera along for the baseball game. Some of the highlights were... Christina falling on her behind the first time she swung the bat! That's why baseball players don't wear flipflops while playing ;-) Christina also pegged Carter in the head with a ball (he was ok). Amy showed us all up with her batting skills she developed while competing with Ryan during her early years... she smacked those balls way out of the park! Everyone did a great job hitting a combination of tennis balls, whiffle balls, T-balls & softballs.

Hopefully we can do it again soon!


Team Kess said...

Nice batting skills Jaime. All of my hard work has finally come to fruition.

talking changa said...

Oct 8th is soon! My best friend is having her baby Oct 9th! How exciting =)

- Jessica Lozano

Stephen said...

Jessica... Due date is Oct. 27, so we have a little more time.