Wednesday, August 20, 2008

30 weeks

Here I am at 30 weeks on Monday, August 18th.
We went to our doctor's appt today and I am measuring 31 cm which is right on schedule. Baby Girl's heart rate was 140 bpm and is still in the "correct" head down position. What a good girl!
Here is a picture of the nursery room walls. We love how it turned out, those stripes were hard to do!
This is our hand-me-down crib with our nursery bedding on it. I'm so proud of how well it matches our wall coloring.
We'll post more pictures when we finish the room. Steve worked hard on putting the changing table together last night but I don't have a picture of it yet.


El said...

You're looking great, hon! We're keeping on praying for our precious little one!

Reflections by Keren Thillet said...

I LOVE the room. I will miss the pretty bears but I love the pink! Congratulations and hugs!

Corey said...

Please tell us here name. That's alot of pink in one room!

Amy said...

Sorry Cor! You have to wait 2 more months to find out her name! :) I'm glad you appreciate her pink room though. Maybe you should change your brown walls to pink too.

Melissa said...

I am LOVING the room and all the pink (sorry Corey)! Those stripes must have taken FOREVER! Also, Amy, you look beautiful! Pregnancy really suits you! Keep me posted!

Amy said...

The stripes did take forever! Thanks for noticing Melis!