Tuesday, August 12, 2008

29 weeks

I am 29 weeks now, 11 more to go before we get to meet our beautiful baby girl. I'm starting to feel really big even though I know my belly will start to grow a lot more in the last couple of months. The baby is 15 inches long and 2 1/2 lbs now and is like a butternut squash. She is still kicking up a storm and usually feels as though she is trying to kick herself out of my belly! I thinks she wants out of there or else she is exercising her little legs to high jump like her daddy.

I've definitely become accustomed to my new "weight" although it's still a shock to find myself not able to do everything like I used to. I get tired easy and out of breath more often doing simple things. It's amazing the way the body changes to carry such a precious load. I think I will be extremely happy when our due date comes and we will have a baby to show for all of these changes to my body. I can't wait - I know 11 weeks will fly by!

See the affects of the heat to our other little "baby":

Doesn't she look pathetic??!


Melissa said...

I am loving the blog... It helps me stay connected to you and Steve! You look SO CUTE as a pregnant mommy! Suesse does look a little sad in the heat! Keep me posted! : )

Stephen said...

Baby, you look more beautiful to me every week!

Reflections by Keren Thillet said...

Thank you for the update. 11 weeks will fly by! Is the baby room ready? When is your baby shower? You are both in my thoughts and prayers!

El said...

Oh, my beautiful daughter! :) Can't wait to meet our darling granddaughter!!

And Steve, (you're welcome)we're back, maybe reluctantly leaving the beauty of Alaska, but we are here, so.....dinner will be ready on Thursday evening! :)