Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pismo Beach vacation

Labor Day Weekend we joined my parents in Pismo Beach to relax for 3 days in my mom's friend's "vacation" home one block from the beach. It was just what we needed to relax and enjoy some down time catching up on our sleep and actually wear jeans and sweaters in the summer!

Here is Steve & Suesse on an early morning walk to the water. It seems Suesse doesn't enjoy the ocean as much as she did when she was a baby. She's not exactly a water dog - she prefers to freak out and run away from the waves!

Steve & I enjoying the sunset of the first night. We realized how much this picture looks like our honeymoon picture from Tahiti, except we are much whiter in this picture!On Saturday we went to Avila Beach and enjoyed the sunshine, as it seems Pismo is always in the fog during the day. Avila was packed with people soaking up the rays.
We finally found a restaurant to sit down - it was in a grocery store on the board walk!
On Sunday, we drove to Los Osos and tried to find the right path to Hazard Cove, a popular surfing spot for locals. My dad actually surfed here in college! When we lived in San Luis Obispo in the 80's, we would take our dogs here to the beach. It's a beautiful spot that not many people know about - tucked away in the eucalyptus trees right off the road.
We made it out of the trees and look at that view! Breathtaking!
Mom & Dad
Mom enjoying the ocean views with Suesse totally tuckered out! She almost blends in with the rock!
There were big waves that day and many surfers in the water trying to catch a good one.
Mom also took us to a beautiful nursery in Arroyo Grande, Ron's Nursery. There were beautiful coastal flowers, plants, and fountations.
For dinner we went to my favorite restaurant in the world. They are famous for pouring water from standing on chairs into your glass on the table or your head! It was delicious!

My dad took Suesse on many walks on the beach to the pier and back. I'm not sure she was used to so much exercise in her life! She took many long naps too.
My 32 week picture with the Pismo sunset.
Another vacation has to end unfortunately and back to the daily grind and 100 degree weather of the valley. If only....


El said...

Aw, love that sunset!! Yes, we loved our weekend with all of the Farris gang. Let's do it again!!
love, mom

Team Kess said...

What do you mean "if only..." Make it happen. Did you see an optomitrist's (is there some abbreviation thats easier to spell???) office on the pier? We would come to visit you more if you moved back to SLO.

Amy said...

How about OD's office?