Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sonora at 17 months

This is the first time we were able to put little pig tails in Sonora's slow growing hair! It looks so cute and of course we were able to keep them in about 5 seconds before she wanted them "out". So I guess we'll go back to the "Sonora do" until she is mature enough to handle bows and clips. She's not very girly...doesn't want anything in her hair, plays with balls and dirt, and would rather run around outside than be inside any day. Boy is she going to get along well with her little brother!

With pig tails in her hair, her face looks so different. Could also be caused by the lack of hair growth on the top and sides of her head!

Sonora & her lovey

Sonora playing in the laundry room

We had our first outdoor dinner and we really enjoyed it!

Sonora sitting in her brother's swing. Of course she had this swing when she was a baby and hated it. Now that it's Levi's, she suddenly wants to be in there all of the time. Ha!
Kiss Kiss to you all!!

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