Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laton Parade & Rodeo

Steve took Sonora to the Laton Parade one Saturday morning when I didn't feel good and she had a great time watching all the horses and cowboys.
Here she is watching the parade with her two cousins, Trenton & Tanner. Steve said she only actually sat in this chair for 5 minutes, but it was sure cute!

Auntie Christina and her boyfriend Jon drove a mule wagon filled with the Little Princesses of the Rodeo.

And cousin Haley, who was a Rodeo Queen candidate, also rode in the parade.

Sonora with her cousins again all bundled up.

Sonora was so lucky to get to ride on a horse with her cousin!

Sonora & Haley

Auntie Christina showing Sonora the mules.

Sonora & Auntie Karina and cousin Haley.

Sonora had a great time that morning. We went back the next day to the rodeo with our good friends, Jill & Dave, and watched the bucking bulls. While we were out there it started raining on us and by the time it was over, we were drenched and our stroller was full of mud from the dirt and rain. Fun!

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