Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Parties!

We had three nephew birthdays in the month of September...Tanner turned 8, Jordan turned 8, and Riley turned 4! Our first birthday party was for Tanner on September 5th. He had a gigantic water slide in the backyard and many friends over to celebrate his special day.
Here is Carter (nephew), Christina (Carter's mom and Steve's sister) and me!
Here is Haley (niece) and Steve...I think Haley enjoyed the water slide too!
Little Trenton (Tanner's brother) having fun on the big water slide!
Here is Randy (nephew) flipping on the tampoline trying to be like Uncle Stevie!

Our next birthday party was in San Diego for Jordan & Riley. They had a Star Wars themed birthday for their many friends and had fun with a Star Wars obstacle course in the backyard.
Their cake with Star Wars characters on each balloon.
Birthday Boy #1 - Riley, 4 on Sept. 27th!
Birthday Boy #2 - Jordan, 8 on Sept. 28th
And finally big brother, Corey showing off his jumping skills over a trash can (part of the obstacle course).
We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the birthdays of our nephews...both near and far, they are loved!

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El said...

Great parties! :)