Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Showers!

I was blessed with three baby showers to celebrate our impending baby girl! The first shower was in Kingsburg with family and family friends.
My mom with her good friend, Inge Nord.
Cousin Carla with her 2 girls, Rachel & Faith. Faith is extremely excited to have another girl in the family - she's been the last girl added to the Edwards clan in 10 years!
Nona Rhea, cousin Michelle Bergman, and my Aunt Marilyn Bergman.
Aunt Nancy, Shirley Schuil, Grandma Rosella, Lila Frueh, Susan Frueh, and Sue Frueh.
Steve's cousin Heather Davis, sister Karina, and cousins...Elisabeth Edwards, Keisha Kellerhalls, and Melissa Pap.
I'm posing next to a quilt that was started and finshed by two different Great Grandma's.
My Aunt Nancy made a posterboard of pictures showing my belly growing!
She made another posterboard of pictures from my childhood through today.
My mom fixed up the bassinet that has been in her family for 70 years and made it extra girly after so many boys in it for the past 10 years. The doll in the bassinet was also her doll when she was a little girl and I played with her too when I was little.
Here is the cake that Aunt Janie made.

My second baby shower was thrown by my coworkers at Hanford Elementary School District. The shower was out on the lawn in the courtyard and they made it extra special with lots of pink decorations and special momentos.

This is the diaper "cake" that my boss, Diane, made for me with almost 90 diapers!! It was beautiful! And the yummy cake that says, "pretty in pink, you're sure to be!"
Here's hard working pregnant Marlo helping me move my stuff!
Michele and Jeri are my two managers at work.

And this was my third shower in San Diego that my sister-in-law Wendy threw for me in the backyard...such a beautiful setting for a tea party!

Melissa Rosa & Theresa Skiles - the laugh squad! :)
Miss Tina Batson...
Favorite Cousin Cindy
Wendy, Mom & Me
Betty, Jeri Lynn, Wendy, and Jeri's two girls, Heather & Lauren

I had such a fabulous time at each baby shower and am so honored to know all of these women and celebrate with them such a dream come true for me! Love you all!


El said...

What a wonderful time we have had celebrating the coming of "little precious". This baby has been well prepared for and will be received by many loving arms.
love, mom

Reflections by Keren Thillet said...

I can't get over that diaper cake! Oh My Goodness! How wonderful to see everyone. I am so excited for you!! Oh! I can't wait to see the baby's face! Sorry you have to go through pain to make my wish come true HA!
Lots of love and prayers. Enjoy this time together expecting God's miracle.