Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sonora's first week at home

Sonora swaddled in her kiddapodamus - what a cute sweet pea. :)
Sonora ready for her first trip to the Pediatrician

Mommy & Sonora in the brightly painted Pediatrician's office. Sonora's doctor is very gentle with her and comes highly recommended by everyone.

Sonora wears a "girly" dress as she plays in her activity gym.

Mommy poses next to the bassinet that has been in her family for almost 70 years.

Mommy's getting lots of practice at changing and dressing Sonora.
Sonora says goodbye to Daddy on his first day back to work. :(

Grandma & Sonora on Grandma's birthday.
Our other "baby" Suesse wanted to be close to Mommy while Sonora was being rocked to sleep. Suesse seems to be missing her Mommy lap time.
Sonora and her BIG yawns!

Sonora likes her new bunny rabbit.
Sonora laying on her froggie blanket.
Big sister Suesse is watching over Sonora...she is always very curious about what she is doing.
Sonora reads her picture book as she sunbathes in her bassinet (recommended due to her slight case of jaundice).
Sonora doing a "monkey" pose as she sleeps. Comfy?


Nancy said...

Grammy is enjoying looking at your pictures over...and over........and over! :)
Love you Sonora!

Reflections by Keren Thillet said...

I absolutely love all the pictures. You look so happy and content. Very proud of you both!! Enjoy every second!