Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally... more pictures of Sonora!

This is the long-awaited and much-requested post of new Sonora Rose pictures. Sit back and relax because it will take a while to look through all of these... we just couldn't figure out which ones to exclude, so we posted most all of 'em ;-) Photo captions are updated! For now, Sonora is asleep after eating and we should get some shut-eye ourselves. Enjoy!

This is Amy during early labor the evening we went to the hospital.
2 will soon become 3...
And here she is! Moments after birth, Amy holds our little Sonora on her chest.
Her hands are so tiny... and she has her Mommy's pretty nails ;-)
This must be so traumatic to these new arrivals to suddenly be in a whole new world...
Sonora weighed in at a whopping 6lbs 13 oz. She let all in the room know she didn't approve of this procedure... the girl has some lungs! ;-)
The proud Daddy holding his little angel.
First family photo... with the addition of Dr. Boken, world's best OB!
Tired family ready for some R&R... Sonora's face is so puffy now that I look back at this picture. The traumas of birth...
Our nurse, Trina, followed us throughout the night and was able to help with the birth before her shift ended.
Grandparents Kessler made the quick trek at 4am to be there just moments after the birth of their first granddaughter!
Grandparents Farris also made the early morning trek to welcome their first granddaughter in 16 years!

Sonora's first baby by nurse Ahn... she did NOT like this procedure either!
Grandpa K holds his precious...
Papa F falls in love with Sonora in an instant...
Her eyes are open for the camera!
This convertible chair was the most uncomfortable night's sleep Steve has ever had... a chiropractor visit was needed to repair the damage.

Sonora passed her first hearing test with flying colors! Amazing how they assess newborn babies' hearing using electrodes to record brain reactions to stimuli.
Mommy and baby are bonding in our very tiny postpartum room.
She barely fit into her infant seat! We had to prop her head up so her little head didn't fall over to the side.
First trip from the Mitsubishi to the house...
Winnie and Dun Dee get to meet their new little sister for the first time. They were very intrigued!
This must be her room...

Little birthmark on her left leg. Amy thinks it looks like a sea turtle ;-)
She is most awake on the changing table.

Grammy K helps intruduce Sonora to her room.
Suesse is extremely excited to be back home and see the newest addition to the Farris Family... and she still loves Mommy cuddles.
Do you think her favorite color will be pink??
Auntie Karina holds Sonora.
Cousin Tanner gets his first crack at holding her too.
Auntie Christina holds her sleeping baby niece.
Daddy with his two baby girls both wanting Daddy time.
Lying in the Bergman bassinet, a family heirloom. Grammy K decorated it to make it more girly after it housed so many boys over the years.
Her eyes are so clear and bright!
Suesse keeps watch beside the bassinet.
Suesse is as wiped out as Mommy and Daddy after the first day at home.
Team Kess comes to visit from San Diego! Here, Auntie Wendy watches as cousin Jordan holds Sonora, with the help of the Boppy. Cousin Corey is to his right.
Cousin Corey's turn to hold Sonora.
Uncle Ryan holds Sonora...
Changing table time again... Daddy changed a lot of diapers during the first few days, as only Mommy can do the feeding right now.
Sonora likes her MN Twins blanket from Uncle Scotty and Aunt Tammy.
Neighbors Bob and Judy stop by to see their newest neighbor.
Friend Danna stops by to see Sonora while she is in town for the weekend.
The Twins blanket is the perfect size and thickness to swaddle Sonora in.
Suesse has a rawhide gift from Nana. She was carrying it around like a giant cigar.
Great Grandma Marie and Nana pose for a 4-generation picture with Steve and Sonora.
Nana comforts Sonora.
Cousin Riley gets his first up-close look at Sonora.
Cousin Jordan holding Sonora again.
She is just so cute! Mommy and Daddy just keep taking pictures of our beautiful baby girl, like this one while Daddy holds her, with assistance from Boppy.


We three - Jeremy, Summer and Micah said...

Yay! I just love the pictures! We are so thrilled for you three. Sonora is absolutely perfect. Looks like you've been super busy with company :) Miss you all! Summer

Nancy said...

Awww, so precious! We love you Sonora!

Melissa said...

LOVING THE PICS! She looks perfect, again, and everyone looks so happy to meet her! HUGS!