Monday, November 17, 2008

3 weeks old and growing cuter every day

Aunt Reba came by to hold Sonora for the first time.
Aunt Nancy & Uncle Lon (see next picture) stopped by for some bonding time with Sonora on their way down to So Cal.

Uncle Scotty was in town from Minnesota and came by to meet the newest member of the family.


grammy k said...

Nice update on cutie pie! :)

Anonymous said...

What a special evening we had with the Farris family. Thank you
Being with my niece, and great- niece was a joy. Sonora is so special, and loved by all. Not many little people have been lovingly held by almost everyone in their family in just 3 short weeks. She will be spoiled.....
Love Aunt Nancy

Melissa said...

AHHH- SO FREAKING CUTE! Just what I needed to see today! She is just a dream! I love the one where she is reading her book!

Nancy said...

I miss you sweetie!
love, grammy k