Monday, October 6, 2008

3 weeks until due date!

Here I am at 37 weeks with only 3 weeks to go...just got back from the doctor's office and we found out that I am 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated. She also thinks that Baby Girl Farris is almost 7 lbs! So if she doesn't come until her due date, she will most likely be almost 8 lbs! Um, that seems awfully big for such a little girl. :)
Here's our other little baby who just got back from the groomers and is stylish in her "Autumn Bows" - minutes later we did have to take those out as she is much more of a tomboy and kept trying to scratch them out.


Anonymous said...

Very exciting! What hospital are you delivering at?

I feel your pain about the swollen feet/ankles. Mine were so bad with my first girl. Since my second was 5 weeks early, not so bad.

I will keep praying that you will get as much sleep possible and that God will give you the strength and wisdom you need in the days to come and the first days with your baby girl.

Sure you have gotten a lot of advice. But the best I got was: 1) Take a nap whenever the possibility arises (even if that leaves dirty dishes or laundry or whatever) & 2) Remember how quickly she will grow up. I thought of it in a sentimental way. But in the hard times, when she isn't sleeping or eating well or whatever, remember that within a week or so she can be a different baby.

OK. .. enough unsolicited advice ;-D

Give my best to Steve, and I'll be praying!


Amy said...

Thanks Laura! We are delivering at Kaweah Delta in Visalia. And thanks for the unsolicited advice and prayers, we do appreciate it!

El said...

My, what a lovely yard! :)

Amy said...

Yes, that would be the expertise of our lovely gardner!

Melissa said...

I can't wait to meet the newest memeber of your family. She is sure to be a joy! I remember being freaked out about the whole birthing process, but I promise that during the middle of it all you will just be focussed on getting her OUT... One way or another! You will have plenty of time after she is born to freak out about the whole process! HA! You will do great and the adrenaline of meeting your daughter will fill in the gaps of nervousness! Hugs!