Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

For Halloween this year we dressed up Sonora as a "Halloween Kitty" (general Halloween clothes with a mask and tail!). She wouldn't wear the Kitty mask so we drew a black nose and whiskers on her face. We decided to go to a church harvest festival this year instead of trick-or-treating around the neighborhood since we don't need candy anyway. The festival was geared towards older kids but we did go on a hay ride and pet some animals at the petting zoo.

For fun, I decided to dress up similar to Sonora just so she didn't feel awkward. Ha!

Sonora had just woken up when we took her to the festival and for some reason she did not seem to enjoy the festivities at all! She stayed solemn and quiet the entire time and didn't crack one smile. Maybe all the costomes scared her! So she appears to the be the sad kitty.

But isn't she a beautiful sad kitty?

Daddy & Sonora at the church festival.

We had to wait in line for the hay ride. Sonora is just chewing on some hay (just like a country girl!).


Happy Halloween!

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Grammy K said...

Cute! I love the matching socks! :)