Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree Farm

After Thanksgiving we usually try to visit the Hillcrest Christmas Tree Farm with the Kessler's for our annual train ride on a steam train. This year Sonora was much more excited and interested as she was only a month old last year at this time! She really enjoyed the toy trains that looped around the grounds and could have stood there for a lot longer than we could handle the cold. The temperature had dropped considerably from earlier in the week and it was quite cold out there but it definitely had the feeling of Christmas in the air!

Here is Sonora standing by the fence watching the toy trains.

Our family of 3, soon to be 4!

The Kessler boys

Sonora with a typical leaf in her mouth as we wait for the steam train to pick us up.

I think Sonora hears the train coming!

Sonora on the train, trying to stay warm cuddling in Daddy's arms.

Uh, it's really cold with the wind blowing in our faces!

The boys in the "cattle" car on the train. I think they stayed warmer in there than we did.

Sonora checking out the boys in the cattle car. I think she thought they were noisy!

We had a great time but we glad to get back into our car and turn on the heater! Time to have some hot cocoa!

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Grammy K said...

You definitely captured her "thoughts" with your words and pictures! Good job! :)

Denise said...

your daughter is adorable!
you should go to and send us an email with her name to enter for a chance at a free hairbow of your choice.....