Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Laton Rodeo

On Sunday, we went to the Laton Rodeo to see one of Steve's cousins who he hadn't seen since he was 11 years old. Joe & his wife Shannon were there with their daughter, Evelyn, who was born 6 days before Sonora. Evelyn & Sonora were quite fond of each other!

It was so hot, we brought an umbrella to shade Sonora and Mommy! We are both as white as sheets! Nana & Papa were there too to see the bull riding. It was Sonora's first rodeo and I'm not sure she enjoyed it very much. :)

Joe, his wife Shannon and baby Evelyn.

At the end of the rodeo, there was an animal scramble for the little kids. Baby animals (goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, & ducks) were released into the pen and all the kids were off to catch what they could. If the kids caught an animal, they got to take it home and keep it! Trenton & Tanner got to join in the fun and Tanner caught a chicken and Trenton (the future farmer) caught a pig!! They later found out that the pig isn't a pigmy, it's a regular gigantic pig! I don't think they are allowed in the city. Thankfully Nana & Papa live in the country and can house the farm animals! I'm sure it's fun for kids...but not as much for the baby animals. I'm not sure I can support this activity in the future.


Anonymous said...

Run piggy, run!!

Team Kess said...

That video is awesome on so many levels.....first off, I think that music is the same as what the Pad Squad uses when they throw out t-shirts and baseballs during Padre games. Not sure what that means???

If you didnt have this video, I'm not sure I would have believed that people actually do this, and probably enjoy doing this.

I will have to use this as example #1 on why I dont feel the need to attend my high school reunions....this doesnt happen in Point Loma.

And, lastly Jaime, I'm disappointed that you continue to invest your time and money in support of using animals for entertainment. I expect to see you out on the field next time rounding up the piggies for rescue. Havent you read George Orwell's Animal Farm? You want to be the animal's friend.

Gretchen said...

Those poor things...they looked like they were scared to death!!!! The animals I mean!!!!