Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Greta's Wedding

This last weekend, we drove down to Palm Desert for one of Steve's eye conferences. On the way back we stopped in La Verne for my college roommate, Greta's wedding. It was so much fun to see her get married and be there on her special day!
Greta & her dad walking down the aisle

The happy couple!! Jonathan & Greta Buehler - congratulations!!

Sonora was at the wedding for approximately 5 minutes before she got fussy and Steve had to take her out of the church. All they got to see was the candle lighters!

My other college roommate, Lisa was there with her family, husband Tommy, and two older boys Noah & Micah. Her twin boys stayed home.

College friend reunion! It was so much fun to see Greta, Lisa & Melissa again!!

Lisa's boys were so excited to hold Sonora. They've had lots of practice with their two brothers. Here is Noah with Sonora.

Micah with Sonora.

We had a great time at the wedding. We wish Greta & Jonathan much happiness!!
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gram K said...

What a happy event and a great Azusa reunion! Greta is beautiful outside as well as inside!