Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Riley in Kingsburg

My nephew, Riley, is spending a week with Grammy & Grandpa in Kingsburg and I've been over the past two evenings to swim with Riley. He is getting to be quite a swimmer...kicking in his "pretzel" (which he likes to call his "underwear" for some odd reason!) all around the pool and holding his breath under water again and again. He never likes to stop! Tonight he kept wanting to look at my tummy under the water and see my "big fat belly" as he liked to call it! He's a cutie and I've enjoyed spending more time with him this summer.

Here is Riley kicking to Grammy!

And here he is holding his breath under the water!

Queen Suesse watching all the ACTION!

After dinner play time with Uncle Stevie and Suesse. Riley got a new Indiana Jones kit. He kept saying "Indiana Jones saves the day!"

Two more days at Grammy & Grandpa's house and then it's back to San Diego for this little guy. We loved having him here! :)


El said...

Wow Amy--that was fast! Terrific to see Riley on your blog having fun!!:)

Melissa said...

Super cute pics! I can't believe how big Riley has gotten!!! Also, how cute are your dogs?!?! Finally... I am LOVING the 4-D of baby girl Farris! I am so excited for you guys!

TeamKessMama said...

Thanks for posting pictures of my baby. I miss him!!! BTW - I don't think the pretzel is referring to his underware, that's what we call the noodle tied around his waist when he swims. Because it looks like he is in the middle of the knot of a giant pretzel! We look forward to seeing you guys soon!