Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fish Fry at Palomar Mountain

View from the top of Palomar Mountain of San Diego County.

This weekend we were at Palomar Mountain for a Fish Fry provided by Jerry's (my sister-in-law Wendy's dad) annual fishing trip to Alaska. We always enjoy our time up there and had a delicious dinner with several different types of fish all seasoned differently. This time the Kessler clan was able to sleep down the road from the Johnson's cabin at a neighbors "bunk house". The bunk house turned out to be quite a nice place on a large acreage of land that they owned. We toured around the land and their other houses and were able to use their 4-wheel drive off road vehicle. It was a lot of fun.

The bunk house is to the right of the main house.

Here is our 4-wheel drive off road vehicle.

Here's the Birthday Boy, Corey. He just turned 11!

And his complete opposite brother, Jordan!!

But we love them both - just the same!!

And their super parents, Ryan & Wendy!

The Johnson cabin where we had our fish fry. 30 people attended the festivities.

Little man, Riley, really enjoying his cake!

and the rest of the kids did too!

I finally got a hug from the birthday boy - even if I had to force him to do it! :)

Corey with his "World Famous" shirt we got him for his birthday. Somehow we knew it would fit him perfectly!

And here we are enjoying the food, family, fun, and festivities! Thank you all for a great weekend! If you want to see all of our pictures from this weekend, go to

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El said...

Great pictures and comments, you guys! A job well done. The weekend was a lot of fun--glad we could all share it together.