Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer 2010

Well here are some pictures from this summer...I seem to not be able to get them in order or post any that are vertical without having to turn my head sideways so I deleted those. So this is the best that I can do! Hope you enjoy.
Sonora posing for a rare smile.

An even more rare occurence is both of our kids posing for one photo AND both looking at the camera. Hooray!!
Cousin Jordan came for a week this summer and Sonora had the time of her life! He is such a good big cousin.

Levi learned to crawl!! He is still crawling on his belly and using his toes and his elbows to crawl but boy can he get anywhere he wants to and FAST! He finds himself trapped in corners because he can't turn around yet. So cute.

Levi also loves to eat - and eat a lot! He is currently only about 5 or less pounds away from his BIG sister.

Levi and Suesse are checking each other out. Suesse is still quicker than Levi but not for long!

Another cute picture of the two kids...at the moment happy, but I'm sure in Sonora's eyes you can see her determination not to let Levi play with her toys. She'd rather eat them.

Sonora had fun playing with her bibs one night and Daddy & Sonora tried them all on!

This was Levi's first time sitting up by himself! What a big boy - he looks quite shocked at his feat!

We've had a fun hot summer with plenty of swimming days, stay at home days with Barney & Caillou, and weekend trips to the mountains and the coast. I'll try to keep up my blog a little better but I can't guarantee! I can barely get dinner together!

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Grammy K said...

It has been a fun summer of swimming, going for walks, and taking trips with the kids. They have kept us busy! And we wouldn't trade one minute of it!