Sunday, February 21, 2010

I found it!!

About a month ago, Aunt Nancy came down to play with Sonora and help us out so I could rest/relax before Levi's birth. While she was here she took many pictures of Sonora on her camera and let Sonora play with it. Apparently one day while no one was looking, Sonora hid it (put it down while she was playing in a cabinet) and thus a frantic search was on for Aunt Nancy's phone for the next day. We finally convinced ourselves that Aunt Nancy must have misplaced it or lost it while shopping because we simply couldn't find it anywhere. Well, turns out...Sonora did hide it and she found it too! She was playing again in the cabinet in the kitchen and showed Steve what she found. We were shocked and surprised that indeed it was Aunt Nancy's camera! The unfortunate part was Aunt Nancy had already bought a new camera a week prior to Sonora finding the old one. Thankfully Aunt Nancy thought it was hilarious and now she has two cameras! :)

A very proud Sonora!

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Grammy said...

What a cutie! :)