Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cobb Ranch Pumpkin Patch

We took Sonora to her very first Pumpkin Patch today at Cobb Ranch in Fresno. We found out very fast that she loves hay! We put her down in the pumpkin corral to look at the pumpkins and she posed for a few pictures, but as soon as she found out that she was standing on something that she could pick up and play with, she was in heaven!

Yahoo! Now this is fun!

A few forced poses with the parents...not an easy feat with a little girl suddenly obsessed with hay.

When we finally got her away from the hay, we made our way over to the animals and the pumpkin patch.
"Farmer Sonora"

In the middle of the feeding frenzy for some goats...
Steve picked the perfect pumpkin for us in the field.

And Sonora approved!
It was a perfect first trip to the pumpkin patch. Next year, two kids will be picking out pumpkins! Happy Fall!!

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Gram K said...

I love the pictures of her in the pumpkins. The orangeness of fall is so beautiful and alive with the harvest colors. Glad you had so much fun.