Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sonora at 8 & 9 months

I'm a bit behind on posting pictures of Sonora at her month stages. So I've combined her 8 & 9 month pictures in this post.

Here is Sonora at 8 months. She stands all the time with anything, even if it isn't sturdy!
Sonora looking at us in her crib standing up. Her blue eyes are just so strikingly beautiful!

Sonora & the present she made her Daddy for Father's Day!

Sonora enjoying her sweet potato puffs!

Sonora sucking on the super sweet donut peach.

Sonora loves her "lovey" and prefers to have it over her face to fall asleep. I found her like this after she fell asleep one afternoon. I like to call it, "death by lovey".

Sonora at 9 months old in her fancy black dress from Theresa.
She's giving the "what you looking at" pose.

Pretty princess and her dog Penelope. She looks like she's showing off her toys.
Sonora sitting quite casual for this meal. She doesn't quite have her table manners yet!

Sonora with 2 of her dogs. This is where she likes to be most of the time, hanging with her posse. They look like trouble, don't they?
At 9 months now, Sonora crawls everywhere (fast!) and can stand herself up on practically anything. She also tries to climb whenever possible. She's a go-go get 'em kind of girl who LOVES her dogs and wishes she could be outside with them even when it's 105 degrees outside and Mommy would prefer to be inside with the A/C. She still loves her Wiggles and Baby Einstein videos and tries to play with anything she can find. Sonora teased us with sleeping through the night 3 nights in a row and then abruptly stopped again and usually wakes up about once a night to eat. We definitely wish she would grow out of that soon! She has 5 teeth now and loves to eat "people" food, she'll open her mouth for anything! Sonora is a joy and we are so thankful for her!

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