Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sonora, CA

We drove up to Sonora & Angel's Camp for my birthday weekend and had a great time exploring the area. The weather was beautiful and the hills and mountains were still green. It was the perfect time to go. We enjoyed taking pictures of Sonora with signs that said Sonora on them. She's famous in that small town!

We also went to a beautiful winery called Ironstone in Murphys. The flowers surrounding the winery were unbelievable - all in bloom and so colorful. Sonora & Steve took a picture with the 44 lb gold nugget -biggest nuggest still intact.

My birthday dinner was spent in our hotel room because it was late and Sonora was fussy after a long day. Steve surprised me with a delicious chocolate cake with a candle in it!

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Nancy said...

How fun. Yeah Sonora! :) I'm glad you went to her town.