Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas in San Diego with the Kessler's

To celebrate with the Kessler's, we traveled to San Diego on the 22nd and spent the week with my side of the family. My parents had used their timeshare week for a condo in Escondido at Lawrence Welk resort and it was really nice to sleep in a king size bed and give Sonora a chance at a good night's rest each night. I think by the end of the week though, she was sick of driving to and from San Diego each day, plus the 6 hours to get there and back at the beginning and end of our trip.
We had a great time with family even though our week was peppered with bad news on both ends...first our Grandma, Rosella, passed away on Monday, December 22nd, but we know she is much happier now as she is reunited with Grandpa Elroy, and at the end of the week, Mom (Nancy) had to go into the hospital for an emergency surgery that caused us all a big heartache! Thank goodness she is on her way to recovery now after 10 days in the hospital. We are all looking forward to a much better 2009!
Here are the kids surrounding new baby Sonora. Sonora's first cousins, Corey, Jordan & Riley and their first cousins on the other side, Lauren & Heather.

Lauren holding Sonora. The girls loved having a new baby to hold!

Riley put these reindeer ears on Sonora. He loves his little "cuddle bug" as he calls her.
Two of my friends from San Diego were able to stop by and see Sonora. April Woodard is a mother of 3 boys...
and Tina B throughly enjoyed holding her when she wasn't crying!

Steve & I put our first gingerbread house together but with no time...
Corey finished it up with all the trimming! He did a great job.

We enjoyed a walk on Garrison Street in Point Loma where every house is lit up with LOTS of lights!

Maybe next year Sonora will actually be awake for it! Doesn't she look cute though all bundled up in her little kitty outfit?
Sonora on Christmas day...all ready for pictures.
Corey showing off with we gave him...a PSP game for his new PSP he hadn't even bought yet!

Jordan got a DS game and he said it was super fun!

We got Riley two Stormtrooper Battle Packs. Riley loves anything Star Wars.

Wendy got the Seinfeld Scene It game. She was so happy!

The boys got Rock Band for the Wii from my parents.
The boys (+ Ryan) preceeded to play "Rock Band" for the rest of the day!
Even Steve got in on the action playing a little guitar. He showed off his skills!

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